Virtual Tour Features

With so many built-in features, your virtual tour can keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. People who stay on your site for long periods sends signals to Google that your website is important. In return, Google improves your website rankings- All thanks to a virtual tour!

From Simple to Complex

Navigation Menus

Little things can make a big difference. Navigation systems on your virtual tour make it easy for your viewers to move around from place to place. With traditional virtual tours, you have to “make your way” through the tour, room by room, to get to your final destination. That’s not the case with our virtual tours. 

We Provide

Create and Track Conversions Using Google Tag Manager

To get the most out of your virtual tour, you can create a tag using Google Tag Manager and then implement it into your virtual tour. This way, you can set up goals and monitor conversions. Your virtual tour is a marketing tool, after all. 

Password Protected

Easy Payment System.
Charge an Admission Fee

Perfect for parks, art museums, art shows, exhibits, large gardens and more.  Make your venue ‘open to the public’ for people who buy a ticket. Then password protect your virtual tour.  

Virtual Tour

'HotSpots' That Call Your Attention

As one of our most popular features, these hotspots call your attention. Use them to point anything out that the visitor might have overlooked. Using our pop up window, you can place text, photos, links and even videos. 

Make the Most of It

Add Videos, Photo Galleries, Audio, Forms & Web Links to Your Virtual Tour

There are limitless possibilities to make your virtual tour offer an unforgettable experience. We can place any kind of media to any part of your virtual tour.