Why Hire Our 360° Virtual Tour Company?

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Our Virtual Tour Business is Bonded, Licensed, and Insured

In a world where so many things could go wrong, photographers are no exception to the rule. We are licensed and insured which should matter to you and your business. Most companies and freelancers in our business are surprisingly not insured. That means if they damage your property or even hurt someone with their equipment, it all falls on you. Don’t take that chance.

We Are Not Freelance Photographers

We are an LLC and our reputation is everything. We have put in the sweat-equity to have a real website and a customer support team. This is not a side hustle, we are not wedding photographers or Real Estate photographers. We do this full time and we are passionate about what we do. We rely on reviews, the best customer support, satisfaction guarantees and follow-ups. If we didn’t care much for our work, or how we treat our clients, we wouldn’t have sustained our business for this long (Since 2012!). 

We Use Real DSLR Equipment for Our Virtual Tours. We Do Not Use Cheap 360 Cameras.

Too many people out there purchase a ready-made 360 camera and go out and offer their services. These cameras are considered ‘all-in-one” where as they take the photo and automatically stitch the photos into a panorama, so that the person taking the photos does not have to. These cameras are notorious for offering poor resolution and perform poorly in low-light situations. 

We use real DSLR cameras, which shoot in high resolution. We also take the time to stitch the photos manually so that it’s done correctly. 360 cameras are also known for poor stitching.  Once the panoramas are created, our expert photo editors will take over and offer the best possible experience for each stage of your virtual tour. 

We Are All About the Details

It’s one thing to go into your place of business, snap a bunch of photos, upload then collect a check. We take our time and make sure to fully prepare before every virtual tour shoot. We do this by:

Examples of How Our Virtual Tour Photographers Go the Extra Mile!

The Unsightly Nadir!


Next time you experience a virtual tour, take a look all the way down. You may notice what seems to be a time warp of some sort. At 360 Virtual Business Tours, we have now begun patching that area up with your own business logo. It’s a rather new technology, one we didn’t implement on some of our first tours, but one that you could be sure to have the next time you book with us.

Photographers Hiding In Plain Site

All too often we notice that photographers don’t take the time to make sure they are not part of your virtual tour.  We receive complaints from new clients asking why they can see reflections of the photographer.  They end up not happy with the tour- the photographer is not willing to shoot a new one, and now they have to spend double to get it done correctly.

At 360 Virtual Business Tours, we take those extra steps to ensure that you will not see a reflection of us in any of your mirrors or windows. So you can always be sure that you are getting the most professional virtual tour, guaranteed.

We Clean Up the Photos

Sometimes, very ordinary things may be overlooked while shooting the virtual tour. That’s why our expert photo editors are trained to double check and look for anything that may “distract” from the virtual tour experience. 

In this photo, we have simple door wedges that were needed in order to keep the doors open for the virtual tour. These were objects that were very much necessary to use, but impossible to hide.  During post process, we were able to photoshop them out so that they no longer appear in the photos.

We Remove What You Cannot

Having dirty carpets could draw attention to your prospects when they have the time to look around your virtual tour, but not so much when they visit you in person. A typical company may just let this slide because it would take more work to clean the photo up. We go the extra mile to remove sore spots from your virtual tour. You would never know it was even there!